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From 15th December 2017 To 7th january 2018

A unifying project The "Fabulous Village" is the opportunity to bring together different actors of the city of Evian: the services of the city, the Office of Tourism, schools, colleges and high schools, associations, traders ... the "Fabulous Village" is 4 weeks of events in the city, more than 150 tons of driftwood; more than 500 driftwood sculptures; 22 storytellers, musicians, actors, circus artists and sculptors present; 4 highlights: the opening of the village, the arrival of Santa Claus, the departure of Santa Claus and the departure of the floats; more than 120,000 people expected; 2 exhibitions ...

"Nothing exists that hasn't been previously dreamed ..... "

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hexibition on "The Mythical road of Alpes"

In Garibaldi House in Evian from 9th April to 13th November 2016

Garibaldi house in Evian features an exhibition about the saga of the "Mythical Alpine road" through more than 200 objects and documents from the collections of the City or from external loans. Posters, including thirty-L.M P. stunning posters, maps ... Evocative objects travel are presented as so many testimonies of the history of this legendary road. An audiovisual produced newsreel Gaumont-Pathé completes the visit.
In the early twentieth century, the mountains open to automobile tourism. That is when was created by the Touring Club of France, on an idea of ​​the general council of Savoy, the ambitious project of a road linking Geneva to the Mediterranean along the alpine ridge. This will be the Alpine Road, "true triumphal way" leading tourist marveled Evian in Nice, "graceful shores of Lake Geneva to the sunny shores of the French Riviera."
Long over 600 km, this mythical road inaugurated in 1911 through five departments, borrows nine passes, five more than 2 000 m and wants the most beautiful mountain road in the world. It offers indeed throughout his career exceptional panoramas: the Var valley, the neck of the Cayolle and Queyras, Col de Vars and Ubaye valley, the mountain passes of Izoard, Galibier and Lautaret and mecca of tourism, the Chamonix valley.
La Route des Alpes is borrowed from its inception by thousands of motorists. The buses of the company railways Paris-Lyon-Mediterranean roam in the five and six daily stages. Luxurious and comfortable tourist excursions that prefigure organized trips in the second half of the twentieth century ...

Schedules : Every days from 2 pm to 6 pm
Adult: from 2.50 to € 3.50,
Children: 0 to € 2.50.
Free for children under 10